Lucy Fisk

Sunday 24th March

10.30 am - 12 pm

The Hub - Horsebridge Arts Centre


Lucy will provide ideas and tips on how you can improve and maintain your mental wellbeing. As someone who suffers with depression, anxiety and self esteem issues, Lucy has tried various therapies and knows how mental health issues have affected her and those around her. She will share what she has learnt and offer suggestions of other organisations and people who can offer help to those suffering with their mental health.  Lucy is not a therapist and cannot give medical advice but has much to offer in her "Mental Health Toolkit.”

Lucy Fisk grew up in Whitstable and lives with her husband and two boys. As well as being a mental health speaker and writer she writes the popular Tired from Whitstable  blog.  In the little spare time she has, she enjoys walking, taking pictures of the things that make  her happy, flower arranging, drawing and spending time with the people she loves.


Lucy has recently given talks at Farm Work Play and some of the 

audience comments included;


“This lady is such an inspiration, knowledgeable and most importantly

she keeps it REAL!”


“Thank you for running your talk today, it really resonated with me and

how I feel and deal with my everyday in such a different way to how

I support others”


“Thank you for stepping up and doing this, I found it really useful."l