Whitstable Wellness Week was organised by Catriona Campbell for  *Red Zebra Social Prescribing in partnership with the Horsebridge Arts Centre, the Umbrella Café and Revival Café in Whitstable


A week of free creative activities took place in Whitstable from Saturday 23rd to Friday 29th March 2019 thanks to funding from the National Lottery Community



Most workshops were limited to two per person to allow as many people as possible to benefit.


The event  introduced adults (age 18 plus) throughout East Kent to a wide range of creative activities that are known to help people feel better; both physically and mentally.  Activities included arts and crafts, singing, creative writing, dancing and cookery

As well as the creative workshops,  Lucy Fisk offered strategies for dealing with your mental health and there were special creative workshops for parents and for those living with a dementia, their family and friends. 

Every day throughout the event people were encouraged to pick up a daily recipe and some free ingredients from the Umbrella Café too.

There was also the opportunity to meet the Red Zebra team and other local organisations that can help with wellbeing. 

Our aim was to encourage people living with physical or mental health conditions and those who are lonely or feeling low to try one or more creative activity during the week to see if it helps them feel better.  

Prior to the event, we organised a creative activity with artist and map maker Rob Turner to start the creation of a "People's map of Whitstable'  at Whitstable Health Centre.  This was a great place to meet potential participants and many people signed up as a result. We also promoted the event to medical professionals throughout East Kent, including GPs, Occupational Therapists and District Nurses to encourage them to let their patients know about it.  

*Red Zebra provides the Social Prescribing service for East Kent and their team meet people to discuss their needs and then connect them with other people and who can help them.  


Social Prescribing (sometimes referred to as community referral) helps GPs, nurses and other health care professionals link their patients to other people and organisations who can help them make positive changes in their lives.